Manager as a Coach and Mentor

ATT: HR Directors/ HR Managers/ L&D Managers/ Training Managers/Business Leaders!

Build the Coaching & Mentoring Capacity of Your ManagersAndMaximize Employee Engagement & Performance!

Why Manager as a Coach and Mentor? Facts, Trends & Way Forward

  • Traditional methods of leading and managing people (telling, instructing, carrot- and- stick, control, etc) are no longer delivering desired performance results;
  • While every manager’s job description requires him/her to coach and mentor, most managers have never gone through any structured training on coaching and mentoring;
  • Without a structured coaching and mentoring approach, immense talent and potential remain untapped!
  • As the war for talent rages, retention of good talent is highly dependent on manager-employee relationship
  • In today’s turbulent and competitive business environment, organization’s resiliency, success and sustainability will depend on how much the managers are able to offer just-in-time, on-the – spot, on –the –job coaching and mentoring while inspiring employees to be fully engaged and become the best they can be!

Who Should Attend This Training Program?

  • General Managers
  • Directors
  • Line Managers & Supervisors
  • Supervisors and sectional heads
  • HR Managers/ Training Managers/ L&D Managers/ HR Business Partners ( as line managers or the coaching and mentoring process anchors)
How Managers benefit from Embracing Coaching & Mentoring

How Managers benefit from Embracing Coaching & Mentoring …

By fully embracing the coaching and mentoring approach, your managers are able to:
i) Offer rapid, direct, just-in-time & on-the-job-learning mechanism to respond to the changing business environment;

ii) Improve manager-employee relationship and communication resulting to strengthened resilience through tough business contexts;

iii) Inspire innovation and creativity that is required to cope with the increasing dynamism giving organizations a competitive edge;

iv) Continuously expand the pool for “high potential future leaders” which is critical for the organization’s succession planning;

v) Reduce manager dependence and improve on decision making capacity of their employees;

vi) Share knowledge, develop leadership and groom their successors;

vii) Free their time to focus on strategic issues (they are not stuck in the day-to-day);

viii) Demonstrate care & support to employees’ career development – this leads to motivation & retention of best employees who are committed to the organizational goals.

ix) Maximize engagement and productivity;

Why Managers are NOT Coaching & Mentoring as Expected

With all the benefits that Managers can gain through coaching and mentoring, why are they NOT doing enough Coaching and Mentoring?
i) Lack of appropriate coaching and mentoring skills and knowledge;

ii) Lack of structures to guide the coaching and mentoring process;

iii) Lack of systems to measure and recognize their coaching and mentoring effort;

iv) Lack of knowledge and conviction that coaching and mentoring is not separate from work, but indeed helps them free time to focus on strategic aspects of the business;

v) Presumption that people prefer instructions and not coaching and mentoring;

vi) Fear loss of control and authority.

Objectives of the Program

Objectives of the Program

1. Help the managers appreciate coaching and mentoring as a people development tool for inspiring their teams, building a high performance culture, changing attitudes, nurturing leadership and enhancing communication and relationships;

2. Equip the managers with coaching and mentoring principles, skills and competencies ( including the 11 universal core coaching competencies as prescribed by the International Coach Federation-ICF);

3. Equip the managers with techniques for setting the right employee coaching and mentoring environment including how to adopt to different personalities and employee prevailing circumstances;

4. Equip the managers with proven coaching and mentoring models and frameworks that they can apply with different employees and different circumstances;

5. Expose and train the managers on the coaching and mentoring value chain concept so that they can constantly align their coaching and mentoring efforts to the organizational objectives and priorities and experience a mind-shift from viewing coaching and mentoring as an additional task;

6. Equip the managers with skills, knowledge and tools to help in continuous identification of both demand-driven and supply-driven coaching and mentoring opportunities and how to translate such opportunities to structured developmental interventions;

7. Equip the managers with the techniques for holding employees (coachees and mentees) accountable to their actions/goals and tools for measuring coaching and mentoring results.

Program Curriculum - Overview

Program Curriculum – Overview

The program is packaged in 3 comprehensive phases as listed below:

Phase (I): Setting the Right Workplace Coaching and Mentoring Foundation
  • Coaching and Mentoring Fundamentals: Skills, Competencies, Principles & Concepts;
  • Positioning Workplace Coaching and Mentoring as a Strategic Business Driver;
  • Workplace Coaching and Mentoring Models & Frameworks;
  • The actual “HOW” of coaching and mentoring process: The 9 Practical Steps;
  • Identifying & Seizing Coaching and Mentoring Opportunities@ the Workplace;
  • The Role of the Manager in Setting the Right Coaching and Mentoring Environment;
  • Coaching & Mentoring Through Different Employees Scenarios/Circumstances;
  • Development of Coaching and Mentoring Plans Aligned to the Organizational Priorities;
  • Structured Simulated Peer Coaching, Observation and Feedback.
Phase (II): Implementing Coaching & Mentoring Agenda at the Workplace
  • Buddy Coaching, Reporting and Feedback (based on real work challenges);
  • Implementation of the Personal Coaching and Mentoring Value Chain ;
  • Documenting & Sharing of Coaching and Mentoring experiences;
  • Weekly one-on-one Virtual Coaching and Mentoring support;
  • Documentation of Coaching and Mentoring Case Studies.
Phase (III): Developing Strategies for Success & Sustainability
  • Consolidating Experiential Lessons from Coaching and Mentoring Engagements;
  • Developing Organization-Specific Coaching and Mentoring Mantra;
  • Introduction to the Framework for Measuring Coaching and Mentoring Results;
  • Towards Building a Sustainable Coaching & Mentoring Culture: Actions for Sustainability.
  • Introduction to the Framework for Measuring Coaching and Mentoring Results;
  • Towards Building a Sustainable Coaching & Mentoring Culture: Actions for Sustainability.

Program Delivery Structure

Program Delivery Structure

The program is staggered in 3 systematic phases spread over a period of 2 months to maximize on the experiential learning. Delegates get the opportunity to practice what they learn and integrate it with real work so that coaching and mentoring is no longer theoretical for them, but a way of life!

What Delegates Receive: The Total Package

What Delegates Receive: The Total Package

  • Total 3 days of group training engagement (staggered over 2 months) with both theories and simulated case studies;
  • Weekly assignment review, feedback and updates during the implementation phase;
  • Comprehensive coaching and Mentoring Manuals with ready to use toolkits and supporting case studies;
  • A comprehensive coaching and mentoring value chain development workbook with ready – to –go templates
  • Unlimited access to our online Q & A forum and email support from the trainers who are all certified professional coaches;
  • Unlimited access to a private online community learning platform to showcase your coaching experiences and learn from your peers during the implementation phase;
  • Express lifetime membership to a knowledge sharing workplace coaching and mentoring network with world-class resources;
  • A Certificate of accomplishment recognizing one’s mastery of workplace coaching and mentoring skills as part of leadership training.
  • Online recognition as a workplace coaching and mentoring champion

Expected Program Benefits: Win - Win – Win Outcome for all Parties!

Expected Program Benefits: Win – Win – Win Outcome for all Parties!

This programs offers immense value to the 3 parties (Organization, Manager and Employee)…
1. Strategic Business Focus with Shared Vision and Commitment;

2. Improved Manager-Employee Communication & Relationship;

3. Improved Job/ Employee Fit leading to Talent Management and Retention;

4. Effective Employee Engagement leading to Sustainable high Performance Culture;

5. Effective Delegation and development of independence and self-responsibility;

6. Better Management of Inter-generational Teams;

7. Strategic Leadership Development and Succession Planning;

8. Effective Change Management (change has now become a constant in organizations);

9. Innovation and Sustained Organizational Competitiveness;

10. Improve Managers’ and Employees’ Decision Making Capability;

11. Time for the Manager to focus on Strategic Business Issues;

12. Personal Development (Manager and employees);

13. Reduce training costs (the just-in-time, on –the-job coaching and mentoring fixes most of training needs);

14. Improve Employee Loyalty & Retention.

Why Train with us?

Why Train with us?

Below are 8 Special features of the Manager as a Coach and Mentor Program……and which you are not likely to get from any other source
1. Strategic Alignment – Manager as a Coach and Mentor program is designed as an integral pillar to support your organization/department to achieve its strategic objectives.

2. Coaching Facilitation Style – All our trainers are certified professional coaches and they offer coaching first-hand. This first-hand experience sharing is invaluable for any aspiring coaching manager!

3. Case Studies & Simulations demonstrating best practices, success stories and lessons learnt to enhance your learning.

4. Comprehensive Ready – To-Go Toolkits that you can use to always develop coaching and mentoring plans aligned to your organization’s /departmental needs.

5. Practical, Work-based Experiential Learning Approach – The program is staggered over 2 months to allow time for implementing and internalizing the lessons learnt at every single phase through work-based coaching assignments.

6. Peer Mentoring & Support through our online private community learning platform. Together, we learn, share and grow!

7. Focus on Results & Impacts – We will teach you how to measure coaching and mentoring results

8. Accountability Mechanism – We hold you accountable to the actions that you design and expect weekly progress reports throughout the training period.

Program Calendar & Delivery Modalities
The program is offered both as an “open program” (an organization sponsors few delegates to an external training event) or as an “in-house program” (where an organization sponsors a training event exclusively for her managers).

A. As an Open Program

Calendar: 4 intakes in a year (February, May, August, and October).
Eligibility criteria: Line managers supervising at least 3 employees
Minimum No.: At least 3 delegates from the same organization
Special offer: The fifth delegate from the same organization will be trained for FREE.

B. As an In-house program

Calendar/Scheduling: Depends on the availability of the trainers and client’s work schedule
Min. Group size: At least 15 managers/ Executive Leaders
Max. Group size: 20 – 25 managers